Statutory Information

In the first instance, please address all enquiries to Mrs Inskip, the School Secretary.

Templefield Lower School
Malham Close
MK45 1AJ

Telephone: 01525 713625

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Admissions Policy
Templefield School Performance Tables
Inspection Dashboard 2016
Behaviour Policy
Pupil Premium
PE and Sports Premium
Charging and Remissions Policy
Complaints Procedure
Equality Information and Objective Statement
Ethos and Values
SEND Information Report
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Governing Body October 2016
Declaration of Interest Spreadsheet Oct 2017

If you require a paper copy of any information from our website, please contact us. We will happily provide these free of charge.

Full Governing Body Attendance 2016-17

Governor NamePercentage of Meetings Attended
Simon Earles100
Deborah Trivett100
Dan Toinko50
David Gayfer60
Gary Flavell100
Sophie Ashfield60
Richard Harris60
Steve Close100
Ian Gordon50
Laura Dolling60
Carol Smithers83
Lorna Walker100
Paula Daniels100
Andy Nolan


Sarah Akroyd100

Resources Committee Attendance 2016-17

Governor NamePercentage of Meetings Attended
David Gayfer100
Deborah Trivett100
Richard Harris75
Dan Toinko50
Sophie Ashfield 75
Ian Gordon0
Sarah Akroyd (Clerk)100

Standards Committee Attendance 2016-17

Gary Flavell100
Steve Close100
Dan Toinko67
Deborah Trivett100
Carol Smithers100
Sarah Akroyd (Clerk)100