Letter from Mrs Lampard

16th September 2016

Dear Parents / carers,

As you have been informed in the letter from the chair of governors; It is with much regret that I am resigning my post as Head Teacher at Templefield Lower School and in fact stepping out of education altogether. I have enjoyed immensely the short time I have had at Templefield, we have a great team here and the school has many strengths.

As some of you may be aware I am a Christian and over the last year or so have had the opportunity with my family to be involved in overseas mission on the Thai / Burma border, we have had opportunities to preach and work with youth and young people and those going through trauma. Both my husband and I have loved being involved in so many different ministries and had a plan to step into full time church work in 3–5 years’ time however a role has come up in my local church that will see that calling realised sooner than we had anticipated. I feel that despite our planned timings this is the right thing to do.

I will continue to put in 100% effort into moving forward the plans that we have for school improvement at Templefield in the time I have left and I have the support of senior leaders, staff and governors to do this. Thank you to all the parents and carers who have supported all that we are doing here at Templefield and I am sure that with the Leadership of Simon Earles; the Chair of Governors and with your continued support the school will continue to aim for the highest outcomes for your children.

Kind regards

Mrs Lampard