Foundation Stage Autumn Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

Firstly welcome to all our children.  We hope you all enjoy your time at Templefield. We have a very exciting term ahead of us leading up to Christmas. There are lots of fantastic activities and events to look forward to both in the unit and as a part of the main school.

The school main gates open at 8:45 am. During the time between 8.45 and 8.55 you are welcome to stay in the foundation play area with your child.  From Monday, at 8.55 the foundation staff will open the doors and children are asked to line up outside with their things ready to come in by themselves. Thank you for helping to make this as quick and calm as it can be. Prior to your arrival the staff will have set up various learning activities outside, this is the only time they can do this so that your children have as much learning time and adult support as possible. Could we please ask children waiting to not play with the activities that are ready.

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Foundation Stage Autumn Newsletter 15