End of Term Newsletter

I have now completed 2 terms at Templefield as a new head teacher. It has been a busy, hectic, fun start to this phase of my journey in education. It has also been a steep learning curve with many highlights and some things to learn from to ensure that we work together as a community to provide the best school experience for the children at Templefield. I know that the NED show and the selling of yoyos was not well received by some parents and I will certainly take this on board moving forward and I apologise for any concern this caused parents.

I would like to express my thanks to the PTA not only for the support that they have given the school by raising vital funds, but also for the enrichment they provide for the children and for how they have supported me as a new head making me feel welcomed into a new school and new local authority.

I am also grateful to all the staff and parent helpers who have embraced the rapid changes that were necessary to ensure that the school moves forward quickly to secure an Ofsted good and more importantly ensure pupils are supported to achieve their best in all that they do.

Most importantly my thanks go out to the children of Templefield, they are lovely, polite, well behaved children who are eager to learn. I burst with pride when I show people round the school and they comment on the exemplary conduct of the children and on those days that are challenging I only have to go into a classroom and have children rush up to show work or tell me an interesting fact or simply to say ‘I love you Mrs Lampard’ and perspective is regained. Thank you also to parents and carers who are always so supportive of the school and things we are trying to achieve here.

Good luck to all our year 4 pupils as they move on to their next phase of education. Have a lovely summer; I am hoping the weather reflects the season! I look forward to welcoming you all back in September.


Mrs Lampard

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End of year newsletter July 2015 (2)