22nd May Newsletter 15

Head Teacher’s message:

We have just completed another busy half term with lots going on; the children have worked really hard and we are set to see improved outcomes this year. The parent forum for behavior was a great success and we will introduce a draft version of the school’s new behavior policy for parent’s comments in the first week back. There was not a good response for our forum on uniform; this may be because the time of day so we will look to running after half term as a morning session. We do not currently have plans to run evening forums however we are happy to accept any comments or contributions to the policy being discussed. You can do this via the school office. It was great to see so many parents coming in to school to see their children’s work and to celebrate their successes with them. Our school choir performance was also well attended and I for one was moved to tears by the quality and sincerity of their performance. I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who had discussions on the gate with the Ofsted inspectors during our recent visit your feedback was all very positive and supportive. The children also conducted themselves in an exemplary manner and I felt very proud of how polite, well-mannered and confident they came across.


Mrs Lampard

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22nd May Newsletter 15