Y4 Bikeability

Dear Parents/Carers

We are pleased to be able to offer your child the opportunity to take part in an “off-road”, Bikeability Level 1, Bicycle Control Course. This will take place on a school playground and is designed to teach your child the skills required to safely control a bicycle.  It will not however, mean that your child will then be ready to cycle on the road. That stage will not be reached until they are aged 9-10 when it may be possible for them to participate in a Level 2 Bikeability.  The instructor is qualified to instruct to the new National Cycling Standards.  More details may be found at www.bikeability.dft.gov.uk

The Level 1 course will be a two hour session which will include a half time rest break.  Following on from the lesson we hope that you will have the time to spend with your child for them to practice all they learnt and further improve their confidence over time.

The course will on 19 and 20th May commencing at 9.30.

Before, sending your child on the course please make sure that their bicycle is the correct size and in good order.  Enclosed is a bicycle check sheet to assist you in preparing for the course.  We will be doing a basic bike check before allowing them to ride.  Children with unsafe bikes will not be allowed to take part.  Also, will you please ensure that your child has a suitable cycle helmet that has been correctly fitted along with appropriate clothing as courses still run if it is raining or cold.

On the consent form you will see that there is a question about your child’s health and if they have any learning difficulties. It is important we know this information, in case we need to give a little extra help, to assist them achieve to their potential.


Everyone taking part will receive a copy of the Junior Highway Code.  All those children who achieve the course objectives will receive a certificate and a Bikeability badge.

Yours faithfully

J. Fuller

Please click on the link to download a copy

bikeability Y4

Please click on the link to download consent letter.

RAB 2009 Level 1 Consent Form

Please click on the link to download copy of five steps to safer wearing of cycle helmets.

A4 Bike-Helmet Checks 2015