25th November Newsletter 14

Dear Parents,

This term is progressing at a steady pace, and we are already beginning to prepare for christmas events across the school. I have included a brief reminder of key dates for you at the end of this letter.

Thank you
Many thanks to everyone for your tremendous generosity. We raised £123.90 from the sale of poppies for remembrance day. We also raised £335.22 for children in need from the sale of Pudsey bades, hair bands and bangles. Thank you so very much

Flitwick Eagle Football Academy for Girls
Flitwick Eagles are launching a Football Academy for girls aged between six and nine, on Tuesday 2nd December. It will be held between 6pm and 7pm at the gymnasium at Redborne Upper School. Free taster sessions will be available during December. For more information please contact Lauren Haines on 07545960847 or email lauren1515@me.com

Prebend Day Centre
Once again we are supporting the Prebend Day Centre for the homeless this christmas. We would be grateful for donations of the following items:

• Hats
• Gloves
• Scarves
• Toiletries
• Chocolate

These gifts will be warmly received and make a very real difference to our homeless and disadvantaged people in the local area.
Many thanks

Reminder of key dates:

Nov 28th 9.10am Mrs Rowe’s Class assembly (parents welcome)
2pm New parents visit (January intake)

Dec 1st 10am Jan intake children visit
6th 2pm – 4pm CHRISTMAS FAIR
10th Christmas Lunch
12th Christmas Disco’s
15th Y4 Christmas Party
16th 9.30am Y2 Christmas performance and Party in the afternoon.
17th 9.30am Y1 Christmas performance and Party in the afternoon.
18th 9.30am Foundation Christmas performance and Party in the afternoon.
10am KS2 (years 3 & 4) visit Flitwick Baptist church
19th Y3 Christmas Party.
Term Ends

Yours sincerely

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25th November newsletter 14