Year 4 – Faith Tour 4th Feb 2014

Year 4

Queen’s Park Faith Tour
January 2014

Dear Parents,

Children in Year 4 have been studying places of worship in religious education. In order to support and enhance their learning we are planning a programme of activities which will focus on three local faith communities. The children will visit Queen’s Park in Bedford and take a ‘Faith Tour’.
Each tour will be led by a member of that faith community. The pupils will spend time at All Saint’s Parish Church, Jamia Masjid Gulshane Bagdhad Mosque and Guru Nanak Gurdwara. The visit will take place on Tuesday 4th February leaving school at 8:45 and returning at 2:30 so pick up will be at normal school time of 3:30pm

We would appreciate your support for your child’s visit by:
• providing an adult head scarf (not baseball cap or handkerchief)
• modest dress (normal school uniform) with the exposure of bare flesh
kept to a minimum.
• as the Gurdwara has a vegetarian ethos, the community has asked that visitors’ packed lunches should be vegetarian in content. Children will need to bring a packed lunch in a named disposable bag, and their usual bottle of water in addition to a drink with their lunch
(NOT fizzy, and in a disposable carton / bottle)

The cost of the visit is £8 If there are any parents/adults who are willing and able to help on the trip could you please indicate on the pro-forma below. We are very grateful to those adults who help to make our visits such a positive experience for our pupils.

We request that you read our statement to parents/guardians on insurance cover.
Many thanks

Click here for a printable copy of this letter which includes a reply slip.

Yours sincerely

Miss Smithers Miss Walter


• Where a young person is injured or their personal property damaged by an accident resulting from the negligence of the Central Bedfordshire Council, its employees, or any voluntary helper, a legal claim for damages can be made against the Council. Central Bedfordshire Council has insurance cover to meet such proven claims.

• If the accident was not due to the negligence of the Council, its employees or voluntary helpers, then you cannot be compensated by Central Bedfordshire Council. You may, however, be able to make a claim on a third party involved in the accident, for example, a motorist.

• Central Bedfordshire Council does not provide Personal Accident Insurance cover for young persons (except those attending the Blue Peris Mountain Centre) and you may wish to consider providing Personal Accident Insurance Cover for your child, unless the information to parents indicates that the school has made provision. Most insurance companies can provide cover.

• If your child is going on a school visit or journey, the above advice still applies, but the school may have provided additional insurance cover. If additional insurance cover has been provided, the details are shown below. If you are not satisfied with the extent of the cover provided, you can provide additional insurance for your child.

Before signing this Consent Form it is important that you understand:

• That whilst the supervisory adults in charge of the group will take all reasonable care of the young person, neither they, nor the Authority, can necessarily be held liable in respect of loss of or damage to the property or injury suffered by the young person arising out of the educational visit or journey, unless such loss, damage or injury results from the negligence of Central Bedfordshire Council, its employees or official volunteers, and

• The extent and limitations of the insurance cover provided (see accompanying Statement of Insurance

• I agree to my child receiving medication as instructed and any emergency dental, medical or surgical treatment, including anaesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present. In all cases every effort will be made to contact parents in the first instance so long as time allows.