Y1 Spring Term Newsletter 2014

Jan 2014

Dear parents,

We wish you a Happy New Year and would like to extend our thanks for your very kind Christmas wishes and gifts.

Over the next half term, the unit of work on The Circus which Year 1 will be following is from The International Primary Curriculum. This curriculum endeavours to make learning real, relevant and exciting for the children. Here is an overview to show what the children will be studying.

In Art, we’ll be:
• Drawing faces and the expressions we can see on them.
• Looking at the work of artists who have painted pictures about life in the circus.

In History, we’ll be:
• Finding out about how circuses used to be and about some of the people who made circuses famous.
• Finding out how circuses have changed over the years.

In Technology, we’ll be:
• Finding out how to put up a tent.
• Planning and making tents for soft toys.

In Geography, we’ll be:
• Drawing maps and plans to show how a circus might be set up.
• Using maps and atlases to find out about other countries.

In P.E., we’ll be:
• Practising movements used in circus performances through gymnastics and dance.

In Music, we’ll be:
• Listening and responding to music about the circus.

In ICT, we’ll be:
• Collecting and representing data about the circus.
• Using Powerpoint to create plans of a circus.

In PSHE, we’ll be:
• Looking at how to stay safe in busy places.
• Finding out what different people think about using animals in circus performances.

In Literacy, we’ll be:
• Studying narrative forms of writing, based on Circuses.
• Looking at alphabetical order and dictionary work.
• Continuing with phonics lessons.
• Starting weekly spelling homework.

In Numeracy, we’ll be:
• Collecting and interpreting data.
• Counting, partitioning and calculating.
• Learning about 3D shapes.
• Recognising units of time.

We hope your child enjoys the very exciting topic and shares their enthusiasm with you.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Year 1 team

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