Y2 Spring Term Newsletter

Dear Parents
We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year break. Over the next half term Year 2 will be working hard to improve their reading skills. Daily practice at home is encouraged to support the daily reading activities conducted at school. A specific piece of reading comprehension will be sent home on a Tuesday and due back following Monday this should help you to assess how well your child is progressing with their understanding of what they have read. Regular reading is vital to help your child continually practice and embed new sounds (especially split digraphs, like o_e as in bone or igh as in lightning) and sight vocabulary where sounding out doesn’t work (such as wasn’t). In addition, children are at different levels of reading decoding, but it is important that children can talk about what they have read or seen. A set of questions to support your child’s understanding of reading can be found on the last page of the green Home Literacy Support booklet. We will be encouraging children to sign up for a show and tell slot during the month to bring in a book with their review and recommendation that they will read out to increase their oracy skills. For the start of this term, we have also updated the children’s Phonic Bug accounts to refresh these with new eBooks for them to enjoy at home.

Spellings will continue to be issued on Mondays for testing the following Monday. The spellings continue to be sound based and in addition some specific words that the children will need to know to read and answer questions will be also be tested each week.

Children continue to work on their presentation skills and homework club can provide additional opportunities to practice their spellings and handwriting.

Maths homework is still set on Wednesdays and collected the following Tuesday. The children continue to be taught in groups Monday to Wednesday and class Thursday and Friday and are encouraged to review their learning of each numeracy concept.

This half term’s theme focuses on ‘Our World’. During this unit we will be focusing on art, geography, ICT, music, science and technology.
In art, we’ll be
• looking at paintings of different environments – urban and rural.
• finding out about colours

In geography, we’ll be
• making plans of our classroom and maps of our journey to school
• finding about the environments for animals and plants and considering how to look after pets
• finding out the effects of any changes to an environment, good and bad.

In Information Communication Technology we’ll be
• continue to access the school’s Learning Platform
• making a newspaper using digital photos and interviews (encouraging your child to watch CBBC Newsround will help them understand reporting).
In music, we’ll be
• composing music and singing songs about the weather and learning about duration

In science, we’ll be
• creating different conditions for plants and insects to grow in
• finding out about wildlife using the school grounds
• looking at how electricity shapes the environment around us
• reviewing electricity safety and making circuits

In technology, we’ll be
• making model gardens and environments

We’ll also be finding out how children live in different parts of the world. We already know the interest you take in your child’s work. If you can, please discuss with your child the work they have done as the term progresses and let them teach you! If you have a garden or plants in containers, let your child help you to look after the plants. Talk to them about why you have certain plants in certain conditions (e.g. in the sun, in shelter, near a pond). Ask your child for their ideas on how you could improve your home environment. Point out any developments you notice in your local area and any environmental issues that come up in the news.

During the term, your child will be encouraged to solve problems and manage feelings as part of their social and personal learning. We will also be discussing our values of happiness, unity and respect.

P.E. days up to half term are now Thursdays and Fridays for Rabbit Class and Mondays and Thursdays for Salamander Class. Children will need to have trainers and jogging trousers/sweatshirts in school for outdoor PE sessions. This half term they will be learning how to work co-operatively as part of a team with their sports coach and how to improve their bat and ball skills in Unihoc (a game based on hockey).

We hope the children will enjoy talking about their learning and at the next Parent Consultations you have opportunities to find out what they find easy or hard, what they need more help with and what they know that they didn’t know before.

The learning journey is steep and challenging for Year 2 and together we can build resilient and resourceful learners in readiness for Key Stage 2.

Please click on the link if you wish to download a copyY2 Spring Newsletter 14