7th Jan Newsletter 14

Dear Parents,

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2014 will bring blessings to you and your family.

The Spring Term is always an exciting term, and we would like to extend a particularly warm welcome to the new children and their parents starting with us for the very first time in Foundation Stage. We hope that every child settles and grows and thrives over the coming weeks and months.

Each month we focus on a value across the whole school. Our value for January is happiness and we shall be considering what makes us happy, and we will be learning to recognise and appreciate those small moments of happiness that can grow. We shall also be looking at how we can spread happiness to others with small acts of kindness and support for each other.

Events in January
We are starting this term with a visit from Arena theatre company on Wednesday 8th January. They will be performing the Nutcracker for the children. This is an event that the children really enjoy, and is an opportunity to share some classic tales from literature with the children.

On Friday 10th January Year 1 will be taking part in a Circus Workshop, as an entry point to their new topic this term. They will have the opportunity to try a range of new skills including, juggling, plate spinning, Diablo and (low level) trapeze; along with much more. I am sure they will have a wonderful day.

On Friday 17th January it is Miss Smithers class assembly, parents are warmly invited to attend.

Houghton Close Surgery
Over the holiday I have been contacted by Houghton Close surgery in Ampthill; in order to highlight the services they offer:

When a child is taken sick, be it an illness or minor injury, we have an Emergency GP who can assess the
child between the hours of 9am and 6pm.

They can help with such things as fainting, minor head injury, asthma, stomach pain, migraine, sprains.

Even if a broken bone is suspected it is always beneficial for the child to be assessed by a GP first as they can provide the patient with a letter for the x-ray department bypassing a long wait in A&E.

We can always be contacted between the hours of 8.45am and 6pm on 0844 815 1055 for advice over the phone.

This is for pupils that are registered patients at Houghton Close Surgery, I hope you find this information useful.

Dinner Money for the 1st Half of Spring Term
Dinner money will be £52.20 7th Jan to 14th Feb (29 days)
£9 weekly, payable at the beginning of the week please. Fridays only £10.80 (6 days)
Cheques made payable to Templefield Lower School. Thank you

May I thank all those parents who gave so generously to the Food Bank, Prebend Street chocolate collection, and the collection which was taken at the end of each Christmas performance for the Keech Children’s Hospice. We raised £320.17 for Keech Hospice, and representatives from the Need project
(Food Bank) and Prebend Street were overwhelmed with the generosity of parents. Many thanks

As this terms begins please feel welcome to speak to staff if you have any concerns or issues regarding your child. We hope that everyone has a positive and happy start to the new year.

Yours sincerely


Term Dates

Spring Term 2014
Monday 6th Jan – Staff Training Day
Tuesday 7th Jan Term starts
Half term week beg Monday 17th Feb
Term ends Friday 4th April

Summer Term 2014
Tuesday 22nd April – Staff Training Day
Wednesday 23rd April Term starts
Monday 5th May – Bank Holiday
Half term week beg Monday 26th May
Term ends Wed 23rd July

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